Cytometry Workshops

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Core Faculty

Dr. Mike Borowitz, Baltimore, USA Leukemia/Lymphoma Immunopathology and PNH
Ms. Raquel Cabana, Miami, USA

Phenotype Analysis

Dr. L. Scott Cram,
Los Alamos, USA

Chromosome Analysis and Sorting

Dr. Madhu Dikshit, Lucknow, India

Free Radical Monitoring and Pharma Research

Dr. Sumeet Gujral, Mumbai, India

Leukemia/Lymphoma Phenotype Analysis

Mr. Ronald Hamelik, Miami, USA

Drug Efflux, Diagnostic Cytology

Dr. Paresh Jain, Gurgoan, India

Phenotype Analysis, Quality Control

Dr. Mike Kapinsky, Krefeld, Germany

Panel Selection in Multicolor Immunophenotyping

Dr. Awtar Krishan, Miami, USA

Cell Cycle, Proliferation, Tumor Markers.

Dr. H. Krishnamurthy, Bangalore, India

Basics of Flow Cytometry, Germ Cell Analysis

Dr. Manisha Madkaikar, Mumbai, India

Immunodeficiency and PNH

Dr. Mike Ormerod, Surrey, UK

Cell Cycle, Proliferation, Apoptosis

Dr. Geoff Osborne, Bellbowrie, Australia

Cell Sorting

Dr. Padma Narayanan, Seattle, USA

Assays Functional and Pharma Research

Dr. K Pattanpanyasat, Bangkok, Thailand

Parasitic and Viral disease Monitoring

Mr. Alan Saluk,
San Diego, USA

Polychromatic Flow Cytometry and Compensation.

Dr. Vincent Shankey, Miami, USA

Signal Transduction and Phosphoproteins

Dr. Vivek Tanavde, Biopolis, Singapore

Hematopoietic and Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Dr. William G. Telford, Bethesda, USA

Stem Cell Assays and Lasers

Dr. Brent Wood, Seattle, USA

Leukemia and MRD

Mrs. Diana Ganju, Boston, USA

Website developer
Mr. Ronald Hamelik, Miami, USA Workshop coordinator